Doug I thought you worked at a car company. concept cars are created because the designers are constantly coming up with new ideas for cars. they are just concepts and it's a great way to get attention. the reason why many concept cars don't make it to production is cost. after concept, the executives say "ok, really… » 10/09/14 3:39pm 10/09/14 3:39pm

I would agree with you, but the fact of matter is that much of the government mandated tests actually do not mimic the real world crash scenarios. It's a controversial topic, but some engineers argue that small overlap was introduced because so many of the current vehicles were getting 5 star ratings, so in order to… » 7/30/14 6:36pm 7/30/14 6:36pm

you buy up all of the affordable limited edition cars that were produced, like idk 300C john varvatos edition or Jetta wolfsberg edition. You can brag that you own all of the cars ever produced for that edition. If you can't buy the rest with $1mil, you start ramming the other leftover cars with your own John… » 6/25/14 11:43am 6/25/14 11:43am